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No more sleepless nights

Make your reselling / collecting experience a more hands off approach. Leave your manual days in the past.

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Our robust sitelist includes

Easy for beginners

We try to make the botting experience as painless as possible, whether you are an expert or just starting, get setup with only a few simple steps.

Download & Install

Click the link in the automatically sent download email, after connecting to discord and install. Supported on Windows + Mac

Make Some Profiles

We will need to get to know where to send your items and what cards to charge, just input them in our easy to use profile creator.

Create & Start

Navigate to tasks, enter the product link and click create & start. Its that easy!

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Set it, and leave it

Our software runs automatically, checking for restocks after your tasks are started, so after you leave nothing else is required on your end.

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Scottbotv1 Tasks Panel In Action

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